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Simple. Accurate. Sustainable.

Introducing PINE.

Your User-Friendly Computer Vision API

PINE is a cutting-edge computer vision API that brings simplicity and power to your AI projects. It's backed by nuAI's groundbreaking AI technology, with a remarkable 50 years of research and development behind it. Our approach, based on Neuroplastic AI, has the potential to redefine the entire AI landscape.

Unlike traditional AI models, PINE is not trained; it's taught. With a minimal data requirement, it can deliver precise results using a fraction of the resources.


PINE is an essential addition to your tech stack. Experience AI like never before.


PINE at Work

Try It

We invite you to share your business interests with us. Our dedicated team carefully reviews all inquiries. While we strive to address every request, please note that we give priority to inquiries with detailed use cases.

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