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The Brains Behind it all

We see the advancement of AI as a well-rounded collaboration. That is why we are building our team to have deep domain knowledge with applied experience. Here's a snapshot of the Ph.D.'s at nuAI:

- Physics

- Computer Science

- Neuroscience

- Mathematics

- Artificial Intelligence

AI Team

Our data team is led by our CTO and co-founder who has been developing the nucleus for over 50 years.


We like to respect the privacy and digital footprint of our scientists to provide them with the creative space to explore the frontiers of AI.

That said, they are always happy to have a human-to-human conversation.

AI Team

Get Curious

If you are relentlessly curious, are looking to advance the next generation of AI, and believe with every fibre in your body that AI should be used for good, then please send us your CV and we'll reach out if we feel you are a fit.

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